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It is well known that gardening is becoming more and more popular across different countries. The pandemic has forced most people in the world to quarantine or stay at home for extended periods, and gardening is a hobby or activity that people can do safely and with limited exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It is also possible in smaller or more restricted spaces.

Whilst, of course, no one knows what will happen in the future, there are certain trends that experts or gardening leaders feel are the next big thing in gardening.

One of the first studies I will be referencing is the one conducted by They analysed popular gardening trends online and tried to predict what was the most popular or probable trend for 2021 and the near future. Social Media, especially Instagram, is a prime source of information about what is popular or trending online.

The first trend for us to discuss is called Balcony Gardening. Many people living in cities have no access to private gardens, and shared or public gardens may be hard to come by. As more people are in search of a better way to connect with nature, gardening using the space available in balconies is set to become even more popular in 2021. Of course, what you decide to do on your balcony depends a lot on space, sunlight and preferences, but there are many options one can go for, including fruit, vegetables and flowers that are grown in pots and containers. Many gardening centres also offer a variety of these pots and containers that fit well with your home’s theme.

The second trend for our discussion is called Wild Gardens. In short, wild gardening is about letting nature take its course, and for one to avoid unnecessary pruning and maintenance. By leaving parts of your garden unattended, these wild gardens can become prime natural habitat for many animals, including bees and butterflies. This can be your way of protecting and helping our precious pollinators.

Inside Outside is the next trend on the list. For those with space around their houses, or with large outside areas extending from their houses, inside outside is the activity of extending your inside to the more natural, outside environment, also called outdoor living. The idea is that the theme and home feeling inside your house are extended outside to create an uninterrupted flow in design. Of course, this trend is most relevant to those with large outside areas.

On the other hand, Tiny Gardens are an alternative for those with smaller or more limited space. Making the most of what you have can still create a beautiful, relaxing natural environment, something you will be looking forward to spending time in. Evergreen plants and climbers are perfect candidates for this type of garden. Using vertical space by growing up, for example, can ensure maximum efficiency in space utilisation, whilst potentially making the available space look bigger.

Raised Garden Beds is another phenomenon that any gardener can tell you is a growing trend online. Many online communities refer to this topic, whilst others have been created to specifically discuss this topic and help those people who are starting on this new journey. One of the biggest advantages of raised garden beds is better soil management.

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The sixth item on the list is Permaculture Gardening. The idea behind permanent agriculture is to work hand in hand with the natural forces of planet earth to supply whatever your garden might need, including food, water and shelter. Online Permaculture groups tend to recommend annual vegetables for permaculture gardens, including beans, tomatoes and peppers.

White Gardens is a very interesting trend, which can create marvellous looking gardens. The idea here is to focus your efforts on white flowers and white outside furniture. The work required to create this type of garden can be significant, however, the final result is definitely worth the effort.

Windowsill Gardening, in my opinion, also goes very well hand in hand with balcony gardening. Many people live in cities or densely populated areas, and natural, outside space can be a problem. However, this does not stop people from having fresh herbs in their kitchen, which can be grown and used as needed during cooking. Many herbs require some water and light, but other than that, are pretty easy to grow. Some typical plants that can be grown in a windowsill environment include most herbs, for example, basil, along with other plants such as chilli and kale. This is an excellent way to grow fresh ingredients in your home.

The colour grey is one of the most popular colours used in homes and décor at the moment. This colour has made its way into gardens too, as people are creating Grey Gardens to produce a more calming and serene environment.

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The look of Cottage Gardens tends to bring joy and happiness to many people. For this reason, several people are striving to re-create this look in other areas too. Certain flowers can be especially effective when aiming for this look, including delphiniums, roses and poppies.

Another important trend, as explained by Dobbies’ gardening expert, Marcus Eyles, is the move by people to grow their food. Veganism is a very popular lifestyle, one followed by millions worldwide. This, along with everything else happing in the world is fuelling the movement of people growing food at home or in their gardens. Marcus Eyles explains that “more and more of us are looking to include additional vegetables in our diet and the number of people on exclusively plant-based diets is increasing.”

If the above topic is of interest to you, check out this article I found online, which I think adds more value and ideas on what to expect in 2021 and the near future. Also, read more about Organic Gardening and its benefits for you and your natural surroundings.

What is your opinion? Let me know what you think is the next big thing in the Gardening world, either in 2021 or in the near future. Leave a comment below or contact us on our social media channels. Happy gardening!

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