Taking Care of your Hibiscus Plants

red hibiscus in bloom

Hibiscus plants are one of the most favourite plants in the garden of many people, especially in Malta. They are easy to take care of, grow quite quickly and are beautiful to watch every time they open a new flower.

Another bonus is that it usually lives for many years, adding beautiful colour to your garden year after year.

One of the easiest ways to grow a Hibiscus is within a pot or container. This gives you the ability to move around the plant in your house or garden as needed, depending on the temperature and sunlight available.

Under normal circumstances, the Hibiscus plant will need at least six hours of sunlight for the flowers to bloom.

In warm weather or during blooming season, Hibiscus need consistent watering. In warm weather, it will need watering daily, whilst in colder weather, it will need watering only when the soil feels dry after touching. Be careful, however, as too much water can kill the plant.

To provide extra nutrients, one may add some plant food along with watering ideally once every two weeks during Spring and Summer.

The above shows how easy it is to care for a Hibiscus plant. Adding this plant to your garden can add a nice touch of colour that every gardener will be proud to enjoy.

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