What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is growing plants in water without soil. Many people with a love for gardening are trying their hand in this area. No Soil In the normal context of nature, plants require soil to grow. The soil in this case serves different purposes. The soil provides the plant with stability from the wind forContinue reading “What Is Hydroponic Gardening?”

How many types of gardens are there?

One of the most exciting parts about gardening is its variety. There are numerous types of gardens one can grow, most of which can be nurtured at home or managed in limited spaces. Some gardens do need more space to become interesting, however, there will always be something sensational to grow for both beginner andContinue reading “How many types of gardens are there?”

Growing Lettuce in Containers

Lettuce is a favourite for many vegetable gardeners and forms the basis of many salads and vegetable dishes around the world. Growing lettuce is relatively easy, and here I am going to talk about some tips to help you get started. Cool time weather (but not too cold) is helpful for the growth of lettuce.Continue reading “Growing Lettuce in Containers”

Your First Vegetable Garden

Setting up your first vegetable garden can be a very challenging but rewarding activity, and you might need some help in getting yourself started. Whilst an interesting and demanding hobby, having your vegetable garden can save you money and provide plenty of fun. This can also be an educational activity for young children, teaching themContinue reading “Your First Vegetable Garden”