Sunflowers: great plant companions

“Sunny side up!“. Nothing says summer like troops of vibrant and beautiful sunflowers. These bright and cheerful beauties hold their heads high and proud, bearing enormous flower heads that imitate the sun and gracefully follow it throughout the day. In all their bright yellow splendour, sunflowers are a cheery addition to any garden. But sunflowersContinue reading “Sunflowers: great plant companions”

Which plants like coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds are a great addition to the garden, as they can provide a number of benefits to plants. Many plants, particularly those that thrive in acidic soil, are known to benefit from the addition of coffee grounds to their growing medium. Here are a few examples of plants that are known to like coffeeContinue reading “Which plants like coffee grounds?”

How many types of gardens are there?

One of the most exciting parts about gardening is its variety. There are numerous types of gardens one can grow, most of which can be nurtured at home or managed in limited spaces. Some gardens do need more space to become interesting, however, there will always be something sensational to grow for both beginner andContinue reading “How many types of gardens are there?”

New to the Garden: Marigold, Tomatoes, Chilli Peppers and more

Hello everyone! Today I have planted some new additions to my garden, mainly marigold, tomatoes, chilli peppers, more basil (never enough), mint and a spider plant. In the case of the marigold, I got some dry seeds from actual flowers. I planted them in small containers using some good, light soil which I have usedContinue reading “New to the Garden: Marigold, Tomatoes, Chilli Peppers and more”

Growing Tomatoes in your Garden

Tomatoes are the main ingredient in the cooking traditions of many countries. They are versatile, can be used raw or cooked and are a favourite of many people. Luckily, it is also relatively easy to grow tomatoes yourself at home and in your garden. Many people also believe that homegrown tomatoes tend to be tastierContinue reading “Growing Tomatoes in your Garden”