Bay Laurel – How to Grow Bay Laurel Trees

The bay laurel (laurus nobilis) is a plant grown commonly in the Mediterranean and used in many cooking recipes, especially stews. In Malta, it is usually called siġra tar-rand or simply rand. Internationally, it is known by different names, including Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay and Grecian Laurel. It has a particular smell and gives aContinue reading “Bay Laurel – How to Grow Bay Laurel Trees”

Why is gardening important?

Gardening provides a very long list of benefits for both humans and the environment. Apart from being enjoyed by everyone, gardening is an activity that everybody can do, not limited by different skills, age, nationality, or economic capability. In this sense, gardening is an activity that empowers people and unites all humans in our oneContinue reading “Why is gardening important?”

How many types of gardens are there?

One of the most exciting parts about gardening is its variety. There are numerous types of gardens one can grow, most of which can be nurtured at home or managed in limited spaces. Some gardens do need more space to become interesting, however, there will always be something sensational to grow for both beginner andContinue reading “How many types of gardens are there?”

Cyclamens in your Garden

I have been growing Cyclamens for a few months now, and I can say that these plants are a pleasure to have for any gardener. They are relatively easy to care for and can give splendid looking flowers. Nonetheless, some consistent caring practices need to be done for the plant to keep flowering in yourContinue reading “Cyclamens in your Garden”

The Next Big Thing in Gardening

It is well known that gardening is becoming more and more popular across different countries. The pandemic has forced most people in the world to quarantine or stay at home for extended periods, and gardening is a hobby or activity that people can do safely and with limited exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It isContinue reading “The Next Big Thing in Gardening”

Planting Flowers in your Garden

The vibrant colours that flowers add to your flower garden make them an obvious addition to many people’s home gardens. They are beautiful to look at and admire, and the good news is that most of them are easy to grow. Another bonus is that most flowers attract many pollinators who can be observed doingContinue reading “Planting Flowers in your Garden”

Plant and Vegetable Companions in Gardens

The true marvels of nature never stop to amaze us. One of the most astonishing topics in gardening is that of plant and vegetable companions. In summary, even fruit, vegetables and plants have friends. Flowers, for example, are of course beautiful to look at and admire. Nonetheless, they can serve very practical uses in theContinue reading “Plant and Vegetable Companions in Gardens”

Taking Care of your Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus plants are one of the most favourite plants in the garden of many people, especially in Malta. They are easy to take care of, grow quite quickly and are beautiful to watch every time they open a new flower. Another bonus is that it usually lives for many years, adding beautiful colour to yourContinue reading “Taking Care of your Hibiscus Plants”