How are Strawberries Propagated?

Strawberries are a favourite for many people. They are sweet, healthy and can be grown in pots or containers at home or in smaller spaces. In this short article, we will tackle questions such as: What propagation method is used for strawberries? Which part of the strawberry helps to propagate? Can I grow strawberries fromContinue reading “How are Strawberries Propagated?”

How to Grow Rucola from Seeds

Rucola is a very popular addition to many salads and dishes, including pizza. It is grown in many countries and is usually cultivated from seeds. The seeds of the rucola are very small. You will need to prepare the soil where you plan to sow the seeds. If you are sowing in an open field,Continue reading “How to Grow Rucola from Seeds”

Gardening Interview – Shelley’s Indoor Jungle

I was lucky enough to interview the amazing gardening influencer Shelley Caruana, from the successful “Shelley’s Indoor Jungle” (over 176,000 followers). Together, we had a chat about why she started her blog, a few gardening tips and advice on how to make the best if on a limited budget. Let’s discover her journey below! Name andContinue reading “Gardening Interview – Shelley’s Indoor Jungle”

Gardening tips for beginners

People in Malta love gardening, it’s a popular activity designed to unwind and relax. Plus, you get to see your beautiful plants grow and they might even offer some amazing fruits too. With that in mind, gardening in Malta can be a little difficult, since here there’s a Mediterranean, hot climate with strong winds. ThisContinue reading “Gardening tips for beginners”

Why are Narcissus flowers protected by law in Malta?

In Malta, wild Narcissus flowers are protected by law, and it is forbidden to pick up this flower from the wild. The Narcissus is, unfortunately, becoming rarer and has an endangered level in the Red Data Book of the Maltese Islands since 1989. It is protected therefore by law, schedule VIII of legal notice LN311/2006.Continue reading “Why are Narcissus flowers protected by law in Malta?”

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening is a process through which plants, fruits and vegetables grow in a vertical, upwards direction (on top of each other) instead of the horizontal, more traditional manner (next to each other on the ground). In summary, vertical gardening uses upright growth containers to make the most of your growing space. Sometimes, a vertical gardenContinue reading “Vertical Gardening”

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is growing plants in water without soil. Many people with a love for gardening are trying their hand in this area. No Soil In the normal context of nature, plants require soil to grow. The soil in this case serves different purposes. The soil provides the plant with stability from the wind forContinue reading “What Is Hydroponic Gardening?”

Gardening in Malta

Gardening in Malta is a very popular activity. People in Malta love their homes, and therefore many people practice gardening on some level to provide greater charm to their houses. The country, notwithstanding its size, also offers many beautiful public gardens that people can visit to observe the calmness of nature and get some relaxingContinue reading “Gardening in Malta”

Garden Flowers – How to Grow Fascinating Flowers

Plants and flowers are the most important parts of many gardens. Purchasing plants and flowers can be very expensive, and therefore making sure your flowers are healthy and living for the longest time possible is also important. Another advantage is that your house or garden will look at its best when entertaining guests. But howContinue reading “Garden Flowers – How to Grow Fascinating Flowers”

Gardening Interview – Sharon’s Hoyas 

Sharon Debattista is a popular gardening figure in Malta, with a large following on social media. She mainly specialises in the cultivation of the Hoya genus and has over the years helped numerous people in Malta grow their gardens. On her social media channels, she also shares the cultivation techniques, strategies and tools that sheContinue reading “Gardening Interview – Sharon’s Hoyas “