What is innovative gardening?

Innovative gardening is about being clever and creative in gardening. There are many ways in which you can be more inspired in the garden and the way you conduct gardening. Don’t forget that although most gardens are made by humans, they are still very important to the planet as they represent a part of theContinue reading “What is innovative gardening?”

Introduction to Gardening

We define gardening as taking care of a plant’s needs, including sunlight, water intake, nutrition, ventilation, temperature, etc. Usually, a plot is focused on where bright-coloured plants and herbs grow, making the aura around them pleasant. This might sound simple, but getting used to the right ways and terms regarding gardening requires knowledge and practice.Continue reading “Introduction to Gardening”

Australia has an Avocado problem

Australia is producing too many avocados. In return, this drives prices down and wastage up. News reports have shown thousand of avocado fruits being thrown away and left to rot. This is an attempt by avocado farmers to control rising costs (such as packaging and transport) and very tight profit margins. To manage the ever-growingContinue reading “Australia has an Avocado problem”

Indoor plants – What plants are best for indoors?

Home is the most soothing location on the planet, comparable to paradise on earth. When it is beautifully adorned and well cared for, it becomes more refreshing and attractive. A person may take care of his or her home in a variety of ways, the finest of which is to have some indoor house plants.Continue reading “Indoor plants – What plants are best for indoors?”

Metrosideros – How to grow Metrosideros plants

The Metrosideros is a very popular plant, especially in Mediterranean countries such as Malta. This is a fast-growing plant that can resist most elements of nature, including wind, sun and seawater. It is a very robust plant that grows even in the most difficult of places. Metrosideros Roots The secret here is for the MetrosiderosContinue reading “Metrosideros – How to grow Metrosideros plants”

Front Gardens

In every home you visit, the first thing that immediately welcomes you is the front garden. The front garden will greet your guests even before you do.  In most buildings nowadays, or in the overbuilt city centres we experience every day, there is usually no space for a front garden.  Nonetheless, we can use differentContinue reading “Front Gardens”

Gardening Compost

Most house and kitchen waste is nowadays carefully sorted and recycled. In Malta, there are particular recycling plants which are used, such as the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant in Marsaskala. Nonetheless, some waste still finds itself directed to the Maghtab waste management facilities. However, what many people don’t realise is that we can create compostContinue reading “Gardening Compost”

Oak Trees Buying & Growing Guide

Thank you to http://www.trees.com for suggesting I share the below with my readers. I think it is a very interesting article and visual! Source: http://www.trees.com/oak-trees. Although there are many types of oak trees around the world, with over 60 different types growing in just the U.S. alone, in terms of oak wood, it is usuallyContinue reading “Oak Trees Buying & Growing Guide”

The Importance of Soil in Nature and our Gardens

Soil can be very often underappreciated in our daily lives. Nonetheless, it is a true natural wonder that plays a critical role in our existence on planet earth. Soil is not something dead, or without life. On the contrary, research has shown that thousands of species of tiny organisms live in even the smallest amountContinue reading “The Importance of Soil in Nature and our Gardens”

For the Love of Gardens, Gardening and Nature

Dear visitor, thank you for reading my blog. My name is Chris, and I am an individual with a passion for nature. I discovered this special love for gardening in 2019, and whilst I have always been the kind of person who loves nature, I feel that now I am more eager to learn, andContinue reading “For the Love of Gardens, Gardening and Nature”