Bay Laurel – How to Grow Bay Laurel Trees

The bay laurel (laurus nobilis) is a plant grown commonly in the Mediterranean and used in many cooking recipes, especially stews. In Malta, it is usually called siġra tar-rand or simply rand. Internationally, it is known by different names, including Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay and Grecian Laurel. It has a particular smell and gives aContinue reading “Bay Laurel – How to Grow Bay Laurel Trees”

Lemon Trees – How to Grow a Lemon Tree

Lemon trees are one of the most beautiful and widely popular trees in the world, especially in sunny regions such as the Mediterranean and North Africa. The aesthetic and functional, cooking value of lemon trees are only some of the reasons for its high demand. In Malta, for example, the lemon tree (siġra tal-lumi) is veryContinue reading “Lemon Trees – How to Grow a Lemon Tree”