Fantastic Fried Fall Foliage

There are plenty of maple trees in the US. They’re stunning and vibrant while they last. But once the leaves finish their cycle, they can give major headaches when it comes to clogged gutters and unraked yards. The Japanese, however, have transformed this autumnal waste into a delicious seasonal delicacy by deep-frying maple leaves inContinue reading “Fantastic Fried Fall Foliage”

The Art of Bonsai: Beautiful, but is it Brutal?

The Japanese word “bonsai” can be literally translated into “planted in a container.” Its long history stretches back over a thousand years and takes root in the ancient Chinese horticulture tradition called penjing. Aspects of this art form were later reshaped in the light of Japanese Zen Buddhism, creating a new aesthetically refined piece with deepContinue reading “The Art of Bonsai: Beautiful, but is it Brutal?”

Hydrangeas, soulmates of the heavy rains

The first thing that springs to mind when people think of Japan is the bright and beautiful cherry blossoms, commonly called by the name sakura. But there’s another flower whose beauty is almost on par with the sakura but more modest and ethereal: the hydrangea. Japan has always been known to be the home andContinue reading “Hydrangeas, soulmates of the heavy rains”