Gardening Interview – Sharon’s Hoyas 

Sharon Debattista is a popular gardening figure in Malta, with a large following on social media. She mainly specialises in the cultivation of the Hoya genus and has over the years helped numerous people in Malta grow their gardens. On her social media channels, she also shares the cultivation techniques, strategies and tools that sheContinue reading “Gardening Interview – Sharon’s Hoyas “

How do you care for a Wax Plant Hoya?

The Wax Plant Hoya can produce one of the most magnificent flowers in the world, at least in my opinion. Its colour, shape and perfection make it an incredible wonder of nature. In Malta, it is sometimes called “Pjanta tax-Xemgħa”, which is also translated to Wax Plant. The plant gets its name from the shapeContinue reading “How do you care for a Wax Plant Hoya?”