Hibiscus blooms, gorgeous while they last

Have you ever found yourself completely fascinated and enthralled by the immense colour palette of the hibiscus flowers? These eye-catching tropical beauties are covered in a mosaic of colours: bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, purple, pink, white, brown, and even shades of grey. They truly live up to their reputation as the queenContinue reading “Hibiscus blooms, gorgeous while they last”

How many types of gardens are there?

One of the most exciting parts about gardening is its variety. There are numerous types of gardens one can grow, most of which can be nurtured at home or managed in limited spaces. Some gardens do need more space to become interesting, however, there will always be something sensational to grow for both beginner andContinue reading “How many types of gardens are there?”

Taking Care of your Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus plants are one of the most favourite plants in the garden of many people, especially in Malta. They are easy to take care of, grow quite quickly and are beautiful to watch every time they open a new flower. Another bonus is that it usually lives for many years, adding beautiful colour to yourContinue reading “Taking Care of your Hibiscus Plants”