Where do gardeners get free mulch?

Most gardeners prefer to spend time caring for their gardens rather than their lawns. Because mowing, weeding, and pruning sure sounds like a lot of effort when it comes to lawn maintenance. Your hard work will pay off with a nicely groomed lawn, but only for a short time. Soon enough, you’ll need to headContinue reading “Where do gardeners get free mulch?”

Bokashi: turning trash into treasure

You’re wasting potentially useful energy by dumping those garden scraps in an already overflowing landfill. Instead, try reusing the compost from your veggie garden back in the garden itself. “Imitating what nature does.” Repurpose those weeds and garden waste into perfect amendments to enrich the soil of your home garden. You may establish the smallestContinue reading “Bokashi: turning trash into treasure”

Gardening Compost

Most house and kitchen waste is nowadays carefully sorted and recycled. In Malta, there are particular recycling plants which are used, such as the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant in Marsaskala. Nonetheless, some waste still finds itself directed to the Maghtab waste management facilities. However, what many people don’t realise is that we can create compostContinue reading “Gardening Compost”