By gum! It’s Australia’s rarest and (perhaps) loneliest gum tree

The Eucalypts, sometimes known as gum trees, are the icons of Australia. The gum tree dominates almost every terrestrial ecosystem in Australia to a greater extent than any other genus on any other continent. With over 800 species throughout Australia’s forests, woodlands, and shrublands, they are a common sight across the country. Do you know thatContinue reading “By gum! It’s Australia’s rarest and (perhaps) loneliest gum tree”

Toxic Plants – What plants can be toxic?

Toxic plants are plants that produce toxins that are dangerous to humans or animals if ingested or touched. These toxins can be found in different parts of the plant, including the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruit. Some toxic plants can also release toxins into the air through their leaves or flowers, which can causeContinue reading “Toxic Plants – What plants can be toxic?”

Botanical Gardens

Last updated 3rd July 2023 Botanical gardens, sometimes referred to as botanic gardens, are special and stunning gardens that are dedicated to displaying, cultivating, protecting and collecting large assortments of plants. These different plants and flowers are normally labelled with their scientific, or botanical, names. Whilst some botanical gardens display plants, trees and flowers fromContinue reading “Botanical Gardens”

Australia has an Avocado problem

Australia is producing too many avocados. In return, this drives prices down and wastage up. News reports have shown thousand of avocado fruits being thrown away and left to rot. This is an attempt by avocado farmers to control rising costs (such as packaging and transport) and very tight profit margins. To manage the ever-growingContinue reading “Australia has an Avocado problem”