Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening

Rebel Gardening book

Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening is a book that aims to motivate readers to take control of their food supply by growing their fruits and vegetables in an urban environment.

The book is written by a passionate urban gardener who has spent many years testing different methods for growing food in small spaces.

The book begins by discussing the benefits of growing your food, including the ability to control the quality and safety of the food you eat, as well as the sense of achievement and connection to the planet that comes from nurturing your plants.

The author also addresses common concerns about urban gardening, such as shortage of space and access to sunlight, and offers solutions for overcoming these challenges.

One of the key concepts discussed in the book is the importance of organic gardening.

The author argues that by avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, we can not only improve the health of our plants but also protect the environment and our health. The book includes a detailed guide to organic gardening techniques, including composting, companion planting, and natural pest control.

In addition to supplying useful recommendations and tips for growing fruits and vegetables, the book also includes a chapter on herbs and other edible plants that can be grown in an urban environment. The author offers tips for including herbs into your cooking, as well as tips for conserving and storing them.

Throughout the book, the author’s passion for urban gardening shines through, making it an inspiring read for anyone interested in growing their food. The book’s simple and accessible language, along with its clear and helpful illustrations, make it a valuable resource for beginners.

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