How to Grow Rucola from Seeds

rucola seedlings

Rucola is a very popular addition to many salads and dishes, including pizza. It is grown in many countries and is usually cultivated from seeds.

The seeds of the rucola are very small. You will need to prepare the soil where you plan to sow the seeds. If you are sowing in an open field, select an area and prepare a small “ditch” or space for the seeds. Make sure this is not very deep. Try and aim for a depth that is three times the size of the seed.

Alternatively, you can even grow rucola in pots or containers at home, or in a roof garden.

Evenly distribute the seeds in the allocated space, cover the seeds with soil and water the soil above the seeds.

After a few weeks, the seedlings will start sprouting and growing. Once the Rucola grows to the desired size and taste, you can harvest as needed.

The ideal period to start growing rucola is when the weather is a little colder and fresh, however warm weather will give it a stronger taste.

It is a strong crop, and you can collect seeds again from it after it flowers in summer.

Happy gardening!

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