Hibiscus blooms, gorgeous while they last

red hibiscus flower

Have you ever found yourself completely fascinated and enthralled by the immense colour palette of the hibiscus flowers?

These eye-catching tropical beauties are covered in a mosaic of colours: bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, purple, pink, white, brown, and even shades of grey.

They truly live up to their reputation as the queen of tropical blooms. But sadly, these spectacular blooms only last for a day or two.

pink hibiscus flowers

Astonishing and fleeting

As a large genus that belongs to the Malvaceae family, the Hibiscus species are native to warm, temperate, subtropical, and tropical climates throughout the globe.

The hibiscus plant is well-known for its stunning blooms, which stand out in the summer garden more than any other flowering shrub. But at the same time, it is notorious for its incredibly short blooming period. 

It makes no difference whether the hibiscus is a Tropical or a Hardy kind as the flowers on both plants won’t survive more than two days.

The flower has only one day to shine, yet it reveals all its glory during that time.

Early morning, you’ll see the most vibrant display of freshly blooming hibiscus. Then, for most of the day, it basks in the sunshine and sways in the wind before starting to wilt when the late afternoon reaches.

When the next morning comes, it withers entirely. And as soon as nighttime arrives, it falls to the ground once again.

Continual feast of summer colours

Although various new Hibiscus hybrids developed in recent years claim to produce blooms that last longer, most of them still fade within 3-7 days only.

So even if you’ve created an ideal environment for your hibiscus plant to thrive, you may still notice that its blossoms wither and fall off after a day. 

But there’s no need to freak out, you’ve done nothing wrong. As nature intended, Hibiscus blooms are not meant to last long in the landscape.

yellow and red hibiscus flower

I know this flowering fact might have made you feel bummed out a bit. But bear with me, there is good news coming up next.

Although a single bloom’s life span is limited, some hibiscus cultivars can bloom continuously throughout the year.

During the bloom cycle, when one flower drops, others will emerge from dormant buds and blossom in their place. Some other plant species only bloom once a year for a short time, perhaps for two to three weeks, but you’ll have to wait until next year to see them again.

The hibiscus plant is a surefire way to have perpetually blooming flowers.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden’s vibrant colours all year round.

What can we do to make their beauty last a bit longer?

We have written about how to extend the life of your blooms, but unfortunately, those tips and tricks won’t work for hibiscus plants.

It makes no difference to the longevity of these blooms whether they are left on the bush or harvested and whether they are kept in water. And they wouldn’t keep any longer in the fridge, either.

Refrigeration can delay flower buds opening for a day or so, but the flowers will last no longer than they normally do once they bloom.

white and pink hibiscus flower

The best thing you can do is to care for these plants well, and they will reward you with continuous flowers all year.

Put these plants where there’s plenty of sunlight. The more sunshine they receive, the more energy they will have to stimulate flowering.

Also, it’s important to prune in early spring to encourage new bud development and maintain a continuously wet soil as the flower buds develop.

But above all, please make sure to capture every ounce of their beauty while it lasts.

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