GardenTalk is a series of interviews I conducted with people who love gardening, gardens and everything related to nature. Some are popular influencers, whilst others are amateur gardening enthusiasts. There is always something new to learn when following someone else’s life journey and I hope you find something interesting here too.

Sharon's Hoyas, Flowers in Malta

Gardening Interview – Sharon’s Hoyas 

Sharon Debattista is a popular gardening figure in Malta, with a large following on social media. She mainly specialises in the cultivation of the Hoya genus and has over the years helped numerous people in Malta grow their gardens. On her social media channels, she also shares the cultivation techniques, strategies and tools that she acquired. I sat down with Sharon to discuss where her love for Hoyas originated.

shelley's indoor jungle malta

Gardening Interview – Shelley’s Indoor Jungle

I was lucky enough to interview the amazing gardening influencer Shelley Caruana, from the successful “Shelley’s Indoor Jungle” (over 176,000 followers). Together, we had a chat about why she started her blog, a few gardening tips and advice on how to make the best if on a limited budget.

book about wild orchid flowers in Malta

Wild Orchids Malta – Interview with Johan Siggesson

In this third instalment of my “GardenTalk” interview series, I had a chat with nature photographer Johan Siggesson about wild orchids in Malta.

His nature photography work is very exciting, and his most recent work with wild orchids in Malta is particularly remarkable.

In this interview, we discuss how he started his nature photography journey and how he got the idea of a photography book on wild orchids in Malta.