Flowers – Happiness that blooms from within


Humans have always had a strong bond with plants as we are all part of mother nature’s work. However, throughout time, the hustle and bustle of city life have accelerated people’s pace of living. And as a result, we progressively lose touch with nature – those who carry a slow pace of life that has never altered. But nature always has a way of reminding us.

That deep bond that humans have towards the plant world is occasionally awakened by nature’s seasonal gifts – colourful and fragrant flowers.

Why even bother with something that won’t last long?

Flowers don’t last long, yet their effect on our emotions is immediate and enduring. Feeling of happiness can be prompted by simply being in the presence of bright and cheery flowers. Placing flowers in corners of the house has also been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and anger while increasing feelings of pleasure and contentment with life. 

pink flowers

Flowers are like little spotlights that illuminate your garden.

Also, flowers help us express the most heartfelt emotions to our loved ones. Flowers are an ideal way to convey how much you care when words fail.

That is why you’ll often see the presence of flower bouquets at holidays or special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, or even funerals. It’s a way to express gratitude, celebrate love, congratulate on achievements, and comfort in sorrows.

The art of flower arrangement.

“Wherever you are, bloom with grace.” Arranging flowers is a meticulous form of art that is appreciated worldwide. There is no place in the world where flowers cannot be arranged. Flower arrangement is more than just positioning flowers to make them look stunning or harmonious for decorating.

It is also an art form that borrows the unique language of flowers to convey the message we wish to convey. This is because each flower has its meaning, and a single flower can have multiple meanings depending on how it is presented. So, a bouquet of floral combinations can send expressions of love, curiosity, and gratitude.

flower arrangement

Flowers are among the most versatile present to offer because they come in various shapes, colours, and fragrances!

More importantly, the art of flower arrangement has evolved from a simple household decoration to a state of mind in which people find the meaning of life and a sense of purpose.

It allows us to slow down and learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Namely, the Japanese have a unique way of appreciating the beauty of flowers and life, known as “Ikebana.”

Ikebana doesn’t only use flowers but also branches, stones, and other greeneries in the design. Therefore, Ikebana represents the beauty of harmony and balance among natural elements, especially those that are opposite and asymmetrical to one another.

Another cool thing about Ikebana is that a withered flower and a fresh new bloom or bushy foliage can stand next to a bare branch, and can stand together in the same arrangement. As it embraces the relationship and balance between life and death, full and empty, and extravagance and simplicity.

flowers of bird of paradise

In contrast to the Western practice of casually arranging flowers, Ikebana attempts to bring out the intrinsic aspects of flowers and express emotion from them.

If you have too much on your mind or are feeling a bit under the weather, try going to your local florist and purchasing a bunch of flowers.

Take them home and arrange the flowers in your favourite vase. Then, as you carefully position each branch and blossom, allow yourself to slowly take in its beauty.

Don’t stress yourself out too much if your floral arrangement isn’t exactly how you envisioned it. Imperfection is something to embrace and reflect on about nature as well as yourself.

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