Gardening Gifts

Many people around the world enjoy and love gardening as their hobby. In return, their relatives and loved ones have many cool gardening gifts they can give them. In this article, I will be suggesting some great products that can serve as gardening gifts. Most of these gifts are useful and thoughtful, making sure theyContinue reading “Gardening Gifts”

How are Strawberries Propagated?

Strawberries are a favourite for many people. They are sweet, healthy and can be grown in pots or containers at home or in smaller spaces. In this short article, we will tackle questions such as: What propagation method is used for strawberries? Which part of the strawberry helps to propagate? Can I grow strawberries fromContinue reading “How are Strawberries Propagated?”

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening is a process through which plants, fruits and vegetables grow in a vertical, upwards direction (on top of each other) instead of the horizontal, more traditional manner (next to each other on the ground). In summary, vertical gardening uses upright growth containers to make the most of your growing space. Sometimes, a vertical gardenContinue reading “Vertical Gardening”

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is growing plants in water without soil. Many people with a love for gardening are trying their hand in this area. No Soil In the normal context of nature, plants require soil to grow. The soil in this case serves different purposes. The soil provides the plant with stability from the wind forContinue reading “What Is Hydroponic Gardening?”

Gardening in Malta

Gardening in Malta is a very popular activity. People in Malta love their homes, and therefore many people practice gardening on some level to provide greater charm to their houses. The country, notwithstanding its size, also offers many beautiful public gardens that people can visit to observe the calmness of nature and get some relaxingContinue reading “Gardening in Malta”

Looking for guest writers is looking for external contributions that are well written and relevant to the topic of gardening. With over 58,000 views and 44,000 visitors between April and mid-June, is quickly becoming an interesting website for gardening enthusiasts around the world. If you would like your blog or article to be featured as a guestContinue reading “Looking for guest writers”

How often should plants be watered?

When I first started gardening, I realised that one of the biggest questions I had was about how often should plants be watered. I was very eager to see my plants grow, and this led to regularly overwatering plants. In reality, there is no basic answer to this question, as the level or frequency ofContinue reading “How often should plants be watered?”

What are the benefits of gardening?

Gardening is a very important activity for many people of all ages, who rely on its mental and physical benefits for their wellbeing. Gardening is, therefore, more than a simple hobby to pass some time. Both professional gardeners or amateur nature lovers can enjoy the different and various benefits offered by gardening. It is difficultContinue reading “What are the benefits of gardening?”

What can be grown in hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a very interesting subject that can be intriguing for many people who are into gardening. Before discussing what can be grown in hydroponics, it makes sense to consider what is hydroponics. Hydroponics: a definition Hydroponics is a technique that grows plants without soil, mainly using nutrient-rich solutions instead. Whilst many different techniques orContinue reading “What can be grown in hydroponics?”

What are the basics of gardening?

Gardening is a very rewarding hobby that can make a positive difference in your life, both mentally and physically. Like most things in existence, starting might seem difficult and complicated. For this reason, the below tips and tricks might help get you started by answering the question: What are the basics of gardening? 1.      LocationContinue reading “What are the basics of gardening?”