Fantastic Fried Fall Foliage

There are plenty of maple trees in the US. They’re stunning and vibrant while they last. But once the leaves finish their cycle, they can give major headaches when it comes to clogged gutters and unraked yards. The Japanese, however, have transformed this autumnal waste into a delicious seasonal delicacy by deep-frying maple leaves inContinue reading “Fantastic Fried Fall Foliage”

Florists’ tips for preserving the beauty of flowers

When you buy flowers from a florist, do you ever find yourself wondering why the ones on display in the shop survive so much longer and blossom far more beautifully than those you bring home and take care of? You’re not alone in this. Lucky for all of us, florists are always happy to shareContinue reading “Florists’ tips for preserving the beauty of flowers”

Gardening tool sets are the perfect Christmas gift

Gardening tool sets are the ideal Christmas gift for the green thumb in your life. Not only do they offer a practical solution for maintaining a garden, but they also provide a possibility for the recipient to engage in a delightful and rewarding hobby. A gardening tool set typically includes a variety of essential tools,Continue reading “Gardening tool sets are the perfect Christmas gift”

Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening

Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening is a book that aims to motivate readers to take control of their food supply by growing their fruits and vegetables in an urban environment. The book is written by a passionate urban gardener who has spent many years testing different methods for growing food inContinue reading “Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening”

Fantastic plants and where to find them

There is no greater joy for plant lovers than going on a plant shopping spree. Though exciting, it might be scary for beginners who need help figuring out how or where to get started with quality plant purchases at reasonable prices. If you’re facing the same problem, we advise you to take a trip toContinue reading “Fantastic plants and where to find them”

Wild Orchids Malta – Interview with Johan Siggesson

In this third instalment of my “GardenTalk” interview series, I had a chat with nature photographer Johan Siggesson about wild orchids in Malta. His nature photography work is very exciting, and his most recent work with wild orchids in Malta is particularly remarkable. In this interview, we discuss how he started his nature photography journeyContinue reading “Wild Orchids Malta – Interview with Johan Siggesson”

Gardening Gifts

Vertical Garden Planter This is a garden gift idea that can be efficient and dependable. The great thing about vertical garden systems is that you can place them anywhere, and it has space for dozens of small plants. The fact that it’s also portable and easy to move around makes a huge difference in homesContinue reading “Gardening Gifts”

Gardening Interview – Shelley’s Indoor Jungle

I was lucky enough to interview the amazing gardening influencer Shelley Caruana, from the successful “Shelley’s Indoor Jungle” (over 176,000 followers). Together, we had a chat about why she started her blog, a few gardening tips and advice on how to make the best if on a limited budget. Let’s discover her journey below! Name andContinue reading “Gardening Interview – Shelley’s Indoor Jungle”

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening is a process through which plants, fruits and vegetables grow in a vertical, upwards direction (on top of each other) instead of the horizontal, more traditional manner (next to each other on the ground). In summary, vertical gardening uses upright growth containers to make the most of your growing space. Sometimes, a vertical gardenContinue reading “Vertical Gardening”

Gardening in Malta

Gardening in Malta is a very popular activity. People in Malta love their homes, and therefore many people practice gardening on some level to provide greater charm to their houses. The country, notwithstanding its size, also offers many beautiful public gardens that people can visit to observe the calmness of nature and get some relaxingContinue reading “Gardening in Malta”