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The arrowhead plant is normally grown as a houseplant, and its arrow-shaped leaves can add a lovely touch to your home. This plant has many different names, including arrowhead vine, arrowhead philodendron, goosefoot, nephthytis, African evergreen, and American evergreen. In Malta, it is sometimes called “saqajn il-papru”, which roughly translates to “duck’s feet”.


I keep my arrowhead plant outside, in a location with lots of light but limited direct sun. I water it once a week in winter, and once every three days in summer. I keep the plant without a plate or saucer. When I water the plant, I make sure I do so thoroughly, letting any excess water filter through the bottom of the pot or container. I have two different plants, with slightly different intense green leaves (shown in photos below). As the arrowhead plant ages, it will normally vine, and therefore the plant can also be grown in a hanging basket. When a plant vines, it means that the plant tends to trail or climb. My arrowhead plant in the photo has grown to around 1.50 metres, and I have had it for around two years.


Caring for an arrowhead plant is relatively easy to do. The plant enjoys moisture but should not be kept very wet. Unfortunately, keeping the plant too wet can lead to the rotting of the plant’s roots. Try allowing the plant to dry out between watering sessions to make sure the plant gets enough water, but not too much.


The plant can stand a broad range of temperatures but tends to prefer a temperature that is somewhere between 15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. Since the plant enjoys humid conditions, I have read of a trick to help the plant’s conditions. Try using water to mist the arrowhead plant regularly. Alternatively, you may wish to place the plant’s pot on a plant tray filled with water and pebbles. This should add more humidity, which should bring about the best conditions for the plant to grow big and healthy.


Propagating an arrowhead plant is very easy. My preferred method is by keeping cuttings in water for rooting. After a few days in water (change the water every two or three days), you should see new roots forming, which means that you can plant the cuttings into a new pot. In a few months, if the conditions are right, you will have yourself a beautiful new arrowhead plant.

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  • arrowhead plant
  • arrowhead plant
  • arrowhead plant

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