Arrowhead Plant Propagation

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The Arrowhead Plant is a beautiful plant that many people use to brighten their homes and gardens. Its beautiful and vibrant colours make it a well sought-after plant. Syngoniums (Arrowhead Plants) grow rapidly and will need pruning. Arrowhead Plant propagation by stem cuttings is easy and below we are going to see some of the most popular ways to do so.


Roots tend to grow faster in warmer weather, however, propagation by stem cuttings can also happen in winter if needed.


Conduct a cutting just beneath a node. Make sure that stem cuttings are long enough so at least 3 nodes can be immersed in water. The pruners used must be clean and sharp to avoid infecting the plant or damaging it unnecessarily.

Remove the bottom leaves from each stem. These take up unnecessary energy and without them, you can observe new progress throughout the rooting process.

At this stage, you can go ahead and place the cuttings in water. Make sure at least 3 nodes are covered by water. The above-described method should work for all varieties of Arrowhead Plants, as these can come in different forms and colours.

Speed of propagation

Arrowhead Plants grow quickly in their natural habitats, including up other plants. The roots of the Arrowhead plant are usually resilient & extensive. 

Given this, the rooting process happens pretty quickly. In around 2 to 3 weeks, you should be able to see roots forming on the stem cuttings in water. Make sure that you change the water every few days to give your cuttings the best opportunity at rooting properly and healthily. Make sure you do not put too much water, as this can damage the stem or else cause roots to grow along the whole stem, instead of only the bottom part.

Length of cuttings

You should be fine if you have around 3 nodes in the water, but cuttings can vary from 20 centimetres to 45 centimetres.


Arrowhead Plant stem cuttings will also need light, along with water, to grow roots. Too much sun or heat is damaging, so placing these on a windowsill that gets lots of light should provide the right environment for the cuttings to grow new roots.

When are the cuttings ready for planting?

Using glass or transparent containers and water enables you to monitor the progress being done by the stem cuttings in growing their roots. When you notice that the stem cutting has grown a few roots, and these look strong, then you can move on to planting into potting soil. Normally, this will happen after around 3 weeks, but you can wait a little longer if you wish to ensure that the roots are even stronger.

Make sure to use the right size of pot or container when planting the rooted cutting. You can put the potting soil into the pot, and then make space into the soil using your finger or a thick pencil. You will use this space to gently put in the rooted cutting. Make sure you do not damage the cutting or roots during this process. Furthermore, do not fill the pot or container with too much soil, as water will overflow when watering. Also, make sure that you water generously in the first few days, and that the pot or container being used has proper draining holes at the bottom.

Take advantage of the simplicity in propagating this beautiful plant. Place a few within your home and garden whilst also using them as special gifts to friends and family on special occasions.

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