Aloe vera smoothie for your garden

aloe vera

Aloe vera has gained widespread popularity in the beauty and health community for a long time.

It has been used for many years as a superb soothing moisturizer in skincare products or as a healing agent for sunburns and other skin irritations.

Aloe vera contains a high concentration of nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. All are beneficial to humans.

It helps improve hydration and digestion, as well as accelerated cell regeneration and wound healing.

Given all those benefits that aloe vera provides us, have you ever considered the same positive effects it may have on your garden?

aloe vera

There are other ways this miraculous plant may be put to good use!

Aloe vera soil drench

Making a soil drench for your plants is one method to give them a dosage of aloe benefits.

Soil drenching is simply watering your plants with diluted aloe vera mix.

This is the best care for young plants that have just been planted, for plants that have been through a lot of stress, and for plants that deserve a bit more love.

Aloe contains micro-macro nutrients and organic compounds such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, amino acids, salicylic acid, saponin, and antioxidants.

It not only acts as a rooting agent but also encourages healthy seed germination and vigorous seedlings.

For this reason, an aloe soil drench can be used to pre-moisten starting soil before planting.

aloe vera

Aloe is just as beneficial for the garden as it is for humans.

Aloe’s organic compounds also serve to fortify plants against pests and diseases.

The high content of saponin found in aloe has been shown to protect it from pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and moulds.

Saponins not only protect plants from diseases but also revitalize the soil and facilitate water uptake of the roots.

Salicylic acid is another valuable component of aloe that induces a defence mechanism in plants similar to that seen in animals’ immune systems.

This defence mechanism provides long-term security. Salicylic acid, as well as other anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances, also promote faster root growth.

Furthermore, aloe is an excellent watering agent due to its natural moisturizing properties.

If you practice no-till gardening, watering with an aloe blend might make the worms in your garden very happy!

Let’s make your aloe smoothie!

Making a soil drench out of aloe vera fertilizer is really easy to do at home.

It’s as simple as blending aloe vera leaves with water. Keep in mind to use homemade aloe vera fertilizer as soon as possible after mixing it.

Preferably within 20 minutes if you’re working with fresh aloe vera leaves.

It doesn’t take long for freshly harvested aloe vera to become bad once it’s been cut, processed, and exposed to air.

  • Start by collecting the outermost leaves of the aloe plants. You’ll only need about 1-2 big aloe leaves or 4-5 smaller ones, a little goes a long way. Cut up those aloe leaves into chunks. You don’t even need to peel off the outer skin. Nothing goes to waste!
  • Blend those aloe vera chunks with water. Commonly, you should use about a quarter to a half cup of fresh aloe vera for every gallon of water. 
  • Making a concentrated aloe vera smoothie in a small batch is recommended. Then, it would be best if you diluted it further before applying it to your garden soil. So, figure out how much you need to make based on the total volume you anticipate.
aloe vera

When to give your garden a drink?

These herbal supplement drinks should be given to plants within two days of their regular watering.

This is when the soil is already damp and more receptive to additional moisture.

Your priceless nutrient-rich aloe smoothie won’t simply run off the topsoil and away from the plant.

If you do this right after a regular watering, the aloe can have a good soak into the soil for a while before being rinsed away, and you won’t have to water again for the next few days.

Additionally, since it’s full of nutrients, enzymes, and other organic substances, you shouldn’t use aloe drench during the final two weeks of the flowering season.

Aloe vera watering at this time might delay maturity and send the plant the signal to keep growing.

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